Who We Are

Kansas Counselors, Inc. is the Midwest’s premier collection agency with a history of success, and an abundance of satisfied clients, dating back over fifty years!

Over the five-plus decades since KCI’s inception, our organization has witnessed major changes in the economic, legal, and regulatory landscape of the receivables industry. Our leadership team has successfully navigated these transformations by placing a priority on education, information, and training over the years. Our founder was a former president of the American Collectors Association (ACA). Our current President and Director of Operations have received the ACA’s Scholar and Fellow awards, respectively, and our managerial, administrative and client relations staff members have dozens of years of experience in collections, customer service and industry compliance. This proactive approach has allowed us to successfully remain ahead of the trends that have dramatically changed our industry over the years.

Our team have always had a watchful eye on these changes and have made adjustments far in advance of many of our peers. In this way, KCI has been able to remain consistent, flexible, and progressive in its approach and philosophy, and our recovery rates have remained among the highest in the industry.

Perhaps, more importantly, our core values revolve around treating our consumers, and your customers, with the dignity and respect they deserve. Our staff strives not only to recover delinquent monies, but to do so with empathy, helpfulness, and in a manner which serves to strengthen the loyalty of your customer base. Our goal is to remain on the cutting-edge of new developments in technology and techniques in an effort to continue providing our clients the utmost in professionalism, efficiency, and recoveries.