What We Do

Bad Debt Collection

KCI works diligently to stay ahead of important trends and formulates its collection strategies with the goals of utmost compliance, and optimal recovery at its core. Our team utilizes the latest advancements in technology to maximize right party contacts, and conducts its communications with your customers with the highest degree of sensitivity and understanding. We provide credit reporting, skip tracing, and litigation capabilities as well.

Our collection team is trained to quickly identify reasons for delinquency and efficiently uncover potential sources of income. KCI will not only magnify your recoveries, but insure that all arrangements are reasonable for your clientele. Our goal is to maximize your recoveries while maintaining, and even strengthening, your customer-base by treating all those you service with dignity and respect.


Second Placements

Too often you may find that the level of effort and the subsequent recovery numbers for your current agency are simply not up to par. KCI’s professional collection staff is always up for the challenge of rescuing your accounts from such lackluster efforts. Our staff routinely accepts account placements that have already been ‘worked’ by previous collection agencies in an attempt to salvage recoveries for your office. Using the most effective skip tracing techniques, and cutting-edge technologies, our collectors can achieve amazing results on even the oldest accounts.


Accounts Receivables Clean-Up Projects

In the fast-paced, multiple-project environment in which business offices function today, a single hiccup can result in your organization falling seriously behind. Something as simple and common as hiring and training new staff members, to something as complex and time-consuming as a system conversion, can sap precious time and attention from your aging receivables. KCI has the capability of handling your entire A/R back log, or if you prefer, just a portion of it. With our expertise devoted to your bad debt, your team can refocus their energy on bringing important tasks up to date, and remaining current on your early receivables.


Self-Pay Early-Out

The longer it takes to contact an account, the less likely it becomes that the full balance can ever be recovered. Today, many business offices find themselves overwhelmed and unable to maintain consistent efforts on their overdue accounts in the early stages. The result is that accounts are not worked properly, or timely. Far too many remain delinquent, are never contacted, and are eventually written off to bad debt and placed with a collection agency. This is very costly, and much of it can be avoided.

KCI has the ability to act as a true extension of your business office, and work these accounts effectively long before the need to ever charge off. KCI’s professional, pre-collection staff can remedy this problem by working as members of your own business office team. In this way, we can ensure consistent attempts to contact your customers and the resolution of many payment issues long before they become bigger, and more expensive problems.


Early Out Payment Monitoring

Your business office staff has been charged with the all-important task of maximizing your revenue. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all of their valuable time could be focused on creating new streams of revenue, instead of on countless, time-consuming follow-ups with monthly payers, slow pays, and broken promises? The simple solution is to allow KCI’s professional customer service and collection team the opportunity to remove this burden from your current staff. KCI’s team can deliver the appropriate reminders, monitor your regular payers, and resolve any returned items or broken promises while your team is freed up to generate money from new accounts.


Client Workshops

As your partner, KCI has a vested interest in assisting you to improve in any way we can. This includes helping your office enhance its registration and information-gathering techniques, as well as expanding your staff’s expertise and strategies with your own in-house collection efforts. In addition to years of experience and training, our instructors have created and conducted hundreds of educational seminars for clients across the nation. KCI can create a workshop designed to meet your particular needs, and assist your staff in sharpening their communication and negotiation skills, developing productive collection strategies, and improving their understanding of consumer collection laws.