Client Access

We make it easy for you to review accounts placed with Kansas Counselors, Inc.

First, you may fax, email or call one of our Client Liaisons from 8:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M. CST (3:00 P.M. on Fridays) and request information. They can provide you with a current balance, date of last payment, status, collector notes, or any other account details which you may be seeking. You will find them friendly and accessible when you call. In the rare event they are unavailable, you may leave a voice-mail message and they will return your call at their earliest opportunity. Our goal is to have every call answered by a “live person.” We sincerely¬†believe that ‘service is the separator’!

When reviewing our work on a number of accounts, some of our clients ask for a status report of all accounts placed – which we can provide on paper or in electronic form.

For clients who wish to access their account information electronically, KCI has implemented QwikClient. This unique program allows our clients to obtain current balance, date of last payment, and other information, using a standard web browser. This program exceeds all HIPAA and GLB regulations and it allows us to securely, legally and conveniently share information with our clients on a near real-time basis. If you have not been issued your new user name and password please, contact one of our client liaisons.

Online Account Access

To send a file to KCI, please use the link below. The link is completely HIPAA and GLB compliant. For more information about the services, visit

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