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Account Placement

KCI has the ability to accept your accounts for collection through a number of different formats and methods. We are committed to providing you a seamless transition for using our services, so you may feel free to choose the method most convenient for you and your staff.

Among the various methods through which we currently accept placements are included standard mail, e-mail, by facsimile, via our client web portal, or through our secure SFTP server. Usually, the best way to send us your accounts is the same way you currently submit accounts for collection. That makes it simple and easy for you. You will find that doing business with KCI is intended to be fast and easy…and most of our procedures have been designed with that in mind.

Customer Service

The average client currently using KCI has been a client for more than 10 years. Actually, some of our clients have utilized our services for more than 25 years! Moreover, KCI can presently boast a client base exceeding more than 1000 clients in more than eight states.

In addition to the various services we offer, KCI employs a full staff of dedicated, client liaisons who are always available to answer questions or provide our clients with an update on their accounts. We also offer our clients an on-line account look-up feature for ease and accuracy. In this way our clients can view in ‘real-time’ the progress on their accounts or inventory. As an added convenience, we provide 24/7 access to both our Director of Operations and President should a pressing need arise.


KCI does not charge any “up-front” fees or set-up costs. Our only charge is a contingency fee which is based on your account profile. To provide the most competitive rates, KCI takes into account the number and dollar amount of the accounts that are referred for collection, as well as the average age of the accounts and the type of business the client conducts. If your office writes off a portion of the balance, so does KCI. Again, we only charge a fee on the amount actually recovered. If we are not successful on your behalf, there is never any cost to you!


KCI makes every attempt to foster and continue our team member’s knowledge and education, especially since both federal and state collection laws are continually being updated and modified. Our representatives receive one-on-one training from ACA Advanced Certified Collectors and are regularly required to complete FDCPA training and to successfully pass the necessary testing conditions for approval. Likewise, our managers and supervisors attend various educational seminars and conventions sponsored throughout the year by the American Collectors Association. In this way, all of our staff are encouraged to constantly refine their collection skills and to remain informed on the many regulations affecting our industry.


Because our industry has changed so dramatically over the past few years, Kansas Counselors, Inc. employs a full-time compliance officer on staff. While most other agencies are trying to catch up with the changes and proposals mandated by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), our Director of Compliance is busy shaping our company to prepare for changes in the future. The CFPB is setting rules and requirements for many industries, and the provisions set forth in the Dodd Frank Act’s Unfair, Deceptive of Abusive Acts and Practices (UDAAP) are now including those involved in both first party and third party debt collection.

At a time of intense government scrutiny into the manner in which members of our industry conduct themselves, we not only have to be diligent in our efforts toward compliance, but proactive in how we design our processes and respond to the changes.


KCI recognizes and understands the acute importance of security as it relates to debt collection, consumer privacy, and the need to safeguard personal, health-related, and financial information. Our collectors are thoroughly trained with regard to the prohibitions on third party disclosure pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDPA). As an agency which is also involved in the collection of medical debt, KCI is very sensitive with regard to personal health information (PHI), and thoroughly compliant with the guidelines enacted under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Since we are also involved in soliciting and accepting debit and credit card payments from consumers, KCI also abides by all the policies and procedures of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).                                                               

Information Technology

KCI prides itself on remaining ahead of the information technology curve in all phases of our business. We operate with only the newest and most trusted software programs, and ensure that all releases and versions are correct and up-to-date. KCI currently utilizes Office 365, taking full advantage of the built-in security functions, including its e-mail encryption and HIPAA-compliant features.

Protecting our client’s data and ensuring our agency can maintain continual business operations in the event of disaster is not only essential, but of paramount concern to us. For this reason, KCI has defined procedures focused on incident detection and reporting, notifications and alerts, activation of our Business Continuity plan, and damage assessment and analysis.

As part of our Information Technology Disaster Recovery Plan, KCI employs the use of two full-time data servers to protect our data. Our second server has the capability of synchronizing our data with no down time in case of disaster. In short, in the event that we encounter a server failure, we simply sign on to our back-up server and are up and running with only minutes of interruption.

Client Liaisons

KCI understands that there are times when your staff or office has pressing needs or concerns, and we want to be available to assist you when these moments arise. For this purpose, KCI employs a staff of client liaisons dedicated to helping and supporting you with answers to your questions. Whether your queries are regarding your statement, questions about our efforts on your placements, or for help regarding industry compliance or a legal matter, our staff is here to assist you.

Call Recordings

Unfortunately, today’s collection industry is fraught with consumer-driven litigation and predatory attorneys often willing to file frivolous actions in court for exaggerated claims and non-existent violations. To help combat such spiteful actions and to protect our clients and agency from such opportunistic plaintiffs, KCI makes certain to maintain digital recordings of all telephone calls with your customers.

Maintaining a complete, digital record of our actions has many benefits. First, it serves as a watch guard for our own internal compliance. In this way, our collectors understand that they are always accountable for their actions on the telephone and strive to act accordingly. More importantly, it allows you, as the creditor, and us, as the agency, to rest assured that we have verifiable proof of our conversations. Ultimately, these recordings act as protection against potential litigants looking to make outrageous claims against us in the hope of monetary reward.


In addition to our digital call recordings, KCI uses state-of-the-art speech analytics software designed to monitor our phone conversations on a level previously never imagined. In short, using Nexidia, KCI can review thousands of collector’s conversations for key words and phrases in only minutes. In this way, our management staff can determine the level of customer service elicited by our representatives, and see to it that effective skills are utilized in each conversation, as well as ensure that compliance with all state and federal laws is maintained. As always, KCI is using cutting edge technology to improve our performance and to provide our clients the best in service.

As we hope you can see, Kansas Counselors, Inc. is committed to creating and implementing programs which carry high value and tremendous returns for our clients. Additionally, KCI is dedicated to providing the utmost in terms of technology and personalized customer service. If you’ve seen or read about a program or service we offer and would like to know more, please complete the form below and a representative will contact you within 48 hours.

Our goal is to demonstrate the fact that “Service is the Separator” in everything we do. We look forward to hearing from you.


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